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Saturday, November 24th, 2018 6:07 PM


Password Recovery

It has been a very long time since I have needed to log in. I needed to go through password manager to get my password back and frankly, I am disgusted. My password, for whatever inconceivable reason, was EMAILED to me. I have a degree in Networking Security and I am purely amazed by the stupidity of your password manager. Generally, I am not a rude person but I take security pretty seriously. Emailing someone their password is sloppy. It is unprofessional and it a security risk. Today you all have lost a customer.

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6 years ago

Hi amermangeoffreyt

Welcome to TM Home users Community, a public site where volunteers try to help each-other , also there are TM Employees that can give answers, that is only at working hours. I am just a volunteer!
I read here several times that they cant give a password for the Password Manager, so what are you talking about.
You make that Master password yourself and use it on your PC only or where you install the PM with your password.
Can you make a screenshot from the mail you got!
Here from you,

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6 years ago

Hi amermangeoffreyt, 

This sounds unusual to me as Password Manager has no option for password recovery. Once the master password is tried to be recovered, you will be asked of a new master password all the passcards saved on your account will be deleted. Step 4 in below link shows exactly this: 

Resetting the Master Password of Password Manager

May we know how were you trying to reset your password? If possible, can you blur the password sent in your email and send us a screenshot here?


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