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Friday, January 15th, 2021 11:13 PM



Password manager

I'm having an awful time with Password Manager but afraid to get rid of it because I don't remember what sites were added to it and currently can't get into 2 important sites because I don't remember the master password! The person on the phone at Trend was almost insistent I use it.

All were written down but I can't find that paper I wrote them on. I pay like 400 bucks a year for one of these programs.

If I delete the Manager I understand I will also lose those that were saved but I've no idea if those were the ones I had been auto-logged into previously. All I know is that I can't get into the 2 main sites I need until something is fixed.

I'm caught between a rock and a hard place and am suffocating.

There's been a number of strange things happen, like seeing someone post as me on YouTube, at least twice and with least 2 different creators and there are 2 business(?) images on my Facebook. I asked those be removed but they weren't.

FB wants to charge me those persons sales tax but I won't give it to them so I can't make any purchases on FB for my game or anywhere as I had my card locked.

I searched my name on FB and found several, just my name and nothing else. I asked FB to remove them a long time back, they didn't or these hackers created more.

In a game I play I saw someone in my room when I clicked to edit it. There should be no one in the room in 'edit mode'. I realize these are not your responsibilities but felt a need to elaborate a bit.

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3 years ago

Hi pris_il_humbrdr,


Welcome to Trend Micro Home Users Community!


Trend Micro password manager stores and protects your login credentials, while providing additional protection against online threats. You may uninstall or remove the Password Manager without losing your saved password unless you manually delete them or reset your Master Password. 


Currently, there's no way to recover your master password once you forgot your credentials. May we know if you have tried to reset the password on the 2 important sites that you need to access?


You can also click the link below for more info about Trend Micro Password Manger.


FAQ: Password Manager


As for Facebook and YouTube, we do suggest you update your account passwords and set a 2 verification code to

prevent unauthorized access. For more info on how to set it up, you can click the link below.


How to set up Two-Factor Authentication on online accounts


Hope this help!




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