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Thursday, March 15th, 2018 10:13 PM


Password Manager

I think the password manager is either very complicated, or so simple (doubt it) that i don't get it. There really should be a paragraph or two upfront that tells you how its supposed to work. Supposedly I have only 1 PW to remember, but it seems when I enter that at a website your system "knows" (its listed in pw index) the new "1" is not accepted. Thoroughly bewildered and DISGUSTED. Have windows 10 in an ASUS laptop. I have Trend Micro Internet Security. Hope that's enough info.

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6 years ago

Hi jimbo194177

Welcome to TM Home users Community, a public site where volunteers try to help each-other , also there are TM Employees that can give answers, that is only at working hours. I am just a volunteer!

Here are some things you need to learn about Password Manager:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Password Manager

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6 years ago

Hi jimbo194177 and welcome to the community!

It could be because the website's URL is different from what you are currently visiting which is why it is not being detected? Could you check to see if the URL are exactly the same? Also, have you checked the link Tom Emmelot posted?

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