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Monday, June 18th, 2018 9:30 PM


Menu attached to the PW Mgr Icon to show the version and help options

Menu options in Password Manager & Resolution Speed of Issues 
There is no way to get to any settings for PW Mgr, there should be an 'About' option either on the menu or the right click menu to show the version and an option to report a problem or go directly to the TM PW Mgr site, which firstly will take users to the right place immediately to see if there is a product issue and secondly alert TM that there is a problem so that they can resolve it quickly.
TM is a great product, and you do a good job of making us aware of the potential threats out there hence making us rely on it and as a result, worry greatly if it is not working properly leaving us feeling vulnerable.  The current issues with PW Manager are showing that they are 'In progress' - which surely shouldn't be the case after 4 weeks if you are serious about the protection we need and that your products provide?



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6 years ago

Hi, Birdy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on our Home Users Community on how we can improve our products.

The "About" option is a good idea and should be able to help us with troubleshooting in case an issue is encountered instead of relying on the Control Panel to check for the version.

With regards to reporting a problem, please know that we have a feedback button where you can also send us your suggestions (and concerns). Simply sign into or go to the Management Console.

But if you encounter issues, we recommend contacting our support instead for real-time assistance.

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6 years ago

We'll close this thread now. You may create a new topic here:

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