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Monday, November 30th, 2020 3:19 AM


I have just updated Firefox to default now I cannot use Password Manager, message is Unable to help with your passwords. Working in Chrome

I could not access my Webmail in Firefox, only in Chrome so I was advised to update Firefox to default. I have done so and found I still cannot access Webmail, but also not Password Manager. Password manager is working in Chrome but not in Firefox. I get the message - Unable to help with your Passwords and the go Here. When I do that it suggests I need to add the extension. I already have the extension and it is enabled. I have run out of ideas.

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3 years ago

Hi lockwoodspence,


The Password Manager certificate for Mozilla Firefox may have not been properly installed, to resolve this issue kindly follow the indicated steps on the guide - Error: Unable to Help with Your Passwords (Password Manager)


Let us know if you have any questiions. Thanks!


- TM_Reine

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