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Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024 8:28 AM

Subscription renewal

Pressed “Renew/Activate”. Screen went to shop.trendmicro. Bar at the bottom went about 20% the way across and stopped. Did not budge for over 5 minutes.

tried going directly to shop.trendmucro with the same result.

iPhone 11 iOS 17.1.2 App version 11.2.1024

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4 months ago

Hi @grstone651 ,

Upon checking your account, it seems that you still have approximately 2 years remaining to your subscription, with an expiration date of 01/23/2025.

If ever your Trend Micro Mobile Security still shows that your subscription is still expired, you can either try to Reactivate using the activation key or sign out first within the app and sign back in again. You can use the link below for the steps on how to do it.


Let me know if any of these works!


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