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Wednesday, August 24th, 2022 7:25 AM



problem with the Trend VPN setting on my iPhone and iPad.

This issue is four years old and still recurring, Trendmicro you said you are working on the issue, was it resolved? Because am experiencing the same today

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2 years ago

Hi, vgmwangi


Let's try connecting to a different internet connection to see if the issue still exists. We also need to check if there are other VPN applications installed in the device that might be conflicting with Trend Micro?


Can you also check if there's an app that's not working when Web Guard is enabled or is the Web Guard affecting your internet speed?  


Please tell us more about exact issue that you're having with the Web Guard?


If the solution above is not applicable on your device, let us know the following information:

1. IOS version:
2. Model of your phone: 

3. Trend Micro Mobile Security version: 


Awaiting for your response.

- TM_Rochelle

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