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Friday, June 10th, 2022 5:56 AM



How to determine if or what has hacked my accounts

I first became suspicious when finding Winstron Neweb Corporation software on a new router and suppliers adamant they do not use that company. 
how does trend micro possibly create me a Japanese name after reinstalling the app after a factory reset. Very obvious someone’s watching over my wifi and screening emails, texts and apps . Id like an idea of who if possible and how to expose them 

many thanks 


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2 years ago

Hi kaponga21,


Welcome to the Trend Micro Home Users Community!


We'll need more information regarding this query.

  1. What were your activities on the computer before you were hacked?
  2. Is Trend Micro is running on your computer before you were hacked?
  3. Can you describe the state of your computers, which made you say you're hacked?
  4. Can you check if there are any unusual programs on your computer which you are not aware of?

Please make sure to update your account password and use a strong and unique code. Make sure that all software and hardware updated with the latest versions and being aware of what downloaded files or clicked links are some of the best practices. 


For more information please visit this page:

Best Practices: Virus Infection Prevention


Awaiting for your response.

- TM_Rochelle

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