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Thursday, March 7th, 2024 1:25 PM

Explore What's New in Apple's iOS 17.4 Update



Trend Micro Community!


Exciting news! Apple has just released iOS 17.4, bringing a wave of new features and enhancements. While some changes are specific to our friends in the European Union, there's plenty for users worldwide to explore.


Let's dive into what's fresh in this update!



What's New with iOS 17.4

  1. EU Changes
    • Significant alterations in the App Store and app operations to comply with the Digital Markets Act.
  2. Alternative App Stores and New App Store Terms (EU)
    • Developers in the EU can now opt for alternative app stores, accompanied by a revamped fee structure.
  3. Alternative Payment Options (EU)
    • Apps in the EU can now use alternative payment methods, bringing flexibility and a fee reduction for developers.
  4. Third-Party Browser Updates (EU)
    • EU users can now choose a default browser other than Safari, promoting diversity.
  5. NFC Access (EEA)
    • Enhanced contactless payments directly on the iPhone for EEA users, offering more choices.
  6. Web Apps (EU)
    • After revisiting user feedback, restrictions on Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in the EU have been lifted.
  7. Gaming App Changes (Worldwide)
    • Streaming game apps now allowed on the App Store globally, unlocking new possibilities.
  8. New Emoji
    • Fresh additions to the emoji family, including lime, a phoenix, and more, adding fun to your messages.
  9. Messaging with Siri
    • Siri can now read incoming messages in different languages, tailoring the experience.
  10. Podcasts and Music
    • Updates to the "Listen Now" tabs, podcast transcripts, and improved music recognition features.
  11. New iMessage Security Protocol
    • Introducing PQ3 for enhanced iMessage security against future quantum threats.
  12. iPhone 15 Battery Health
    • Redesigned battery interface for a quick overview of your iPhone 15's battery status.
  13. Stolen Device Protection
    • Enhanced security options for stolen devices, giving users more control.
  14. Stopwatch Live Activity
    • A live activity function added to the Stopwatch for dynamic and easy access.
  15. Call Identification
    • Displaying verified business names during calls for improved caller information.
  16. Messages for Business
    • Businesses can now provide transaction-related information via Messages for Business.
  17. Apple TV App
    • Improved "How to Watch" section for a better viewing experience.
  18. App Store
    • A revamped purchase history interface for a comprehensive view of account-wide purchases.
  19. Clock Widget
    • Introducing a new City Digital Clock widget for your Home and Lock Screens.
  20. Apple Cash Virtual Card Numbers
    • Generate virtual card numbers for Apple Cash purchases.
  21. Real-Time Apple Card Integration
    • Third-party budget apps now have real-time access to Apple Card transactions.



How to Update to iOS 17.4?

To experience these fantastic features, update your iOS device to version 17.4:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select General.
  • Tap on Software Update.
  • Choose Download and Install.



Is iOS 17.4  Compatible with Trend Micro Mobile Security?

Yes! Rest assured, Trend Micro Mobile Security is fully compatible with iOS 17.4, ensuring your device remains secure while enjoying the latest features. 





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