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Sunday, December 3rd, 2023 8:42 PM

My app on Xiomi system

Hello, I would like to report that the app should not have this VPN system in the Brave browser, because when deleting the app in the background the VPN ends up disabling it and leaving me exposed to a malicious website, So make the app 100% compatible with browsers like Brave. And also in the part about not restricting the app in the background, I always click on that option but the index says that I still have to deselect it.

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2 months ago

Hi @mdasilvaalbuquerque9 
Welcome to Trend Micro Online Community.
Sorry for the late response because we had to confirm this backend.
Xiaomi OS is considered to be compatible with our list of OS but Xiaomi phones are considered to have special OS that behaves differently compared to other Android OS.
This is the same reason why from time to time, our mobile security is experiencing issues running under Xiaomi OS (MIUI) such as what you have mentioned above, permissions like run in the background.
This makes it difficult for our mobile security to exist under the OS without running on issues.
We had received few other similar reports but we are still looking through the data if this will be feasible to push through.

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