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Thursday, July 23rd, 2020 3:38 AM



I have an Apple laptop with trend micro premium security suite 2020. My issue is that there is no problem connecting to our home wifi and using internet search engines. I also use my laptop at school and I did not have a problem until this week. I am connecting to my school’s wifi but when I try to utilise google for instance, it tells me there is no internet connection and to check the firewall or keychain. I have done this and everything is clear. I am connected to the school wifi because I am using it to iMessage people. Hence why I am confused why it’s telling me I have no internet connection when trying to use a search engine. I deleted the school’s wifi and then reconnected it, but it is still doing the same thing. What am I missing? Have I missed something in my privacy settings or is trend micro blocking something I haven’t noticed?

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4 years ago

Hi slatkas2011,


May I know what's the name of the Trend Micro program you're using? also, have you tried to reinstall it to check if the issue persists?


It would also help if you can send us a screenshot of the error message so we can verify it.


Please refer to the link below for the steps on how to take a screenshot:


How to take a screenshot to send to Trend Micro Technical Support


- Reine


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