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Thursday, June 4th, 2020 3:22 PM


So what does this mean ?

See pic supplied " Extension Software on your system loaded a system extension signed by "Trend Micro, Inc" which will be incompatible with a future version of macOS. Contact the developer for support.

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4 years ago



Welcome to Trend Micro Home Users Community.


Please try to download the latest update of Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac. To get the latest version, you may follow these steps: 


1. On the Legacy System Extension window, click OK
2. On the Menu bar, click the Trend Micro Antivirus icon.
3. Click Update now. Wait for the update to finish.
4. On the Menu bar, click the Trend Micro Antivirus icon, then click Scan now.


Let us know how it goes.


- Rochelle

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@rochellemae_bautista Did you read the message, and did you fully understand the txt. The situation is that the current Trend Micro Antivirus OSX build soon will be incompatible with a OSX uppdate that soon is to be released.

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Sorry about that, isonhaug.

The current version of Trend Micro Security is still compatible with the latest version of Mac. We will continue to release versions and updates to comply with the Mac OS requirements to ensure continuous security on your devices. 

For more information about this Legacy System Extension notification, please check this link.

Popup: Legacy System Extension (Antivirus for Mac)


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