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Wednesday, March 27th, 2024 10:49 PM

Trend Micro ID Protection March 2024 Release



Trend Micro Community!


Exciting News: Trend Micro ID Protection latest update is Here!

Enhance your identity security with the latest features in Trend Micro ID Protection. Explore the release notes for a comprehensive overview. Your safety is our utmost priority!



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Trend Micro ID Protection 1.0 Release Notes


Trend Micro ID Protection Portal

  • Vault: Import Password from Password Manager
    • Now, IDP can import passcards and secure notes from Trend Micro Password Manager. We've also added merged tags for easy filtering of passcards and secure notes after importing data, making it simple for you.

  • Improvement in trial and purchase process

    • We've made the trial and purchase process easier and friendlier for you.


  • Added Bank Account to Identity Monitoring.

    • We've added a new feature for monitoring bank accounts worldwide. This adds an extra layer of protection for you. If there's ever a leak of your bank account data, you'll get instant alerts.

  • Improved management of IDP Weekly Report Email.


    • Now, users can easily choose to stop receiving the Weekly Identity & Privacy Report.

      Please note: You can only unsubscribe from the IDP Weekly Report through the email itself.



Trend Micro ID Protection App

  • Vault: Import Password from Password Manager

    • The App can now import passcards and secure notes from Trend Micro Password Manager.

    • We've also added merged tags to help you filter passcards and secure notes after importing data. This makes it easy for users to see which data has been added or merged.

  • Purchase enhancement: Prevent users from making In-App Purchases with multiple Trend Micro accounts linked to one store account.

    • If a store account already has an IDP subscription linked to a Trend Micro account, and a user tries to sign in with a different Trend Micro account to make an in-app purchase on the same store account, a message will show up saying "You already have a subscription."

      For iOS, the second Trend Micro account won't get the license and might alter the license plan linked to the first Trend Micro account.


Additional Enhancements and Updates:

  • Enhance the Android Autofill functionality for apps.

  • Enhance the Vault extension Record/Replay feature.



Trend Micro ID Protection Extension

  • Onboarding Optimization
    • We've made signing up and trying out our service easier for you. After agreeing to the EULA and allowing permissions, the extension will start the sign-up and trial process.

  • Policy Check Enhancement
    • We've added support for more websites! Along with Walmart and Facebook, you'll now see a policy check popup when visiting Twitter, eBay, and Pornhub.

    • Button Option Enhancement: In the first version, users could only clear browser data with the "clear now" option. We updated it to "Check for data leaks," guiding users to review their data in the ID Protection portal.


    • Required Trial or Subscription for Web Threat Protection Feature Access

      Starting with the April release, the ID Protection Extension will need users to sign up to use all features and get a trial or paid license for the Web Threat Protection feature. Existing users will get a reminder message by the end of March.


Additional Enhancements and Updates

  • Enhance the Vault extension Record/Replay feature.




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19 days ago

As I understand things,  the TM ID Protection will be disabled completely in April 2024 unless you subscribe to the whole package priced at £38 per annum, plus of course your regular yearly subscription for TM Maximum Security. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Yes, the features are useful, but represents a significant hike in cost.   I had ID leak protection/notification with 'Bullguard Premium' (no longer trading) but most of my alerts were for email addresses + password leaks (mostly out of date thank goodness). Google does this as routine now anyway. 

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Hi @telboy911​, 

Thank you for letting us know about this. I understand your worries about the changes to Trend Micro ID Protection. It's important to think about the value and benefits of the new package compared to what you had with 'Bullguard Premium' and what Google offers.

To learn more about our ID Protection, you can refer to Trend Micro ID Protection 

Have a great day!

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