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Sunday, November 13th, 2022 4:43 PM


Location issue when using the "Automatically start at signing in" option.

​When using the "Automatically start at signing in" option, and after turning on my laptop (MacBook Pro), if I call the Google search engine, it shows me that I am located in another place, very far from where I am (several thousands of kms away). Also I am connected to a VPN server location (in my country), very far from the location that Google shows me. As consequence of this, all the searches I do in Google, shows me options in the fake location surroundings and not where I really am. To get Google working properly, I have to unmark the "Automatically start at signing in" option. And this way the Google location comes to reality. Any information about this issue is highly appreciated.​

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4 months ago

Hi @azevedoalfredogeo!

The location in google will adapt to the VPN  server location. Can you double-check where your VPN location server is connected?

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