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After buying a PC in 2014 at Best Buy, I had Kaspersky Internet Security on all my PCs. My renewal date is May 26 every year.

Best Buy discontinued selling Kaspersky. To their customers like myself they offered Trend Micro as a replacement and it included a free year. I took up the offer early this year and downloaded TM to 2 of my 3 PCs.

I'm not happy. There are several reasons for this.

1- I edit a great deal at Wikipedia. When you edit, you're supposed to leave edit summaries. With Kaspersky (My browser is Firefox) my edit summaries were saved. If I needed the same edit summary another time, all I had to do was start typing part of it and the summary or summaries with that word would appear.

Trend Micro wiped out all my edit summaries. To make matters worse, they don't save them either unlike when I had Kaspersky.

2- Password Manager. It works for most of the websites I go to. However when it comes to websites it don't work with, the PM entry pops up constantly (2-3 time) and gets in the way of me using that particular website.

3- TM has prevented me from visiting aol.com to check my email on a couple of occasions. I forget the reason given for this but this isn't acceptable and I had the same problem when I visited some other website I frequent (but I forget which one).

4- About 10 days ago I had this popup occur

After that I scanned my PC etc. It's clean but the popup makes me wonder how well TM is protecting my PCs. It's been a very long time since I had anything like that popup occur. It is the best part of a decade since I had to have any PC of mine worked on because of some computer virus or malware.
Kaspersky is expiring today on my only PC (I have 3) that doesn't have TM on it. If money wasn't a little tight now, late last year I was struck by a car while out walking and I wasn't able to work for a while,  I'd pay for Kaspersky and dump TM. I will either DL TM to my third PC or Bitdefender (Bitdefender has been my second choice to Kaspersky) has a 90 day free trial offer  for their total security. My lawyer says I should get a settlement from the accident  in about 2 months. Whenever I get that payout, I'm almost certainly working TM and more than likely going back to Kaspersky unless I like Bitdefender after trying it for 3 months. 
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Posted 1 year ago

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We apologize for the inconvenience that you are currently experiencing, WilliamJE. We also hope that you are doing okay from what happened to you last year.

Regarding the edit summaries, kindly verify if you are also unable to save edit summaries on a PC without installed Trend Micro program.

On the sites where the Trend Micro Password Manager doesn't work with, do you get an option to never see the same pop up message again?

Please provide a screenshot of an error message, if there were any, when Trend Micro program is blocking you to access your aol account so that we may provide a solution for that. It's possible that the program picked up a malicious file and was protecting you of that file.

Regarding the pop up, please check if you have an installed potentially unwanted program on your PC. This is also mostly caused by the extensions added on your browser; make sure to delete/remove any unneeded extensions.

For Firefox...
  • Click Open Menu and choose Add-Ons
  • Click Extensions tab on the left panel

Feel free to send us your reply. Thank you!
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Don't worry. I renewed Kaspersky today and removed TM from my laptops  and installed Kaspersky on them.  I won't be recommending TM to anyone after my experience with it.
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Hi WilliamJE
I use TM now for since Win98 and it is up and running on 5 computers and 2 android phones with no problems at all, so i can't find me in the things you bring up here.I think you got a problem to change after so many years with Kaspersky, TM is NOT Kaspersky and does work a other way!
Good luck.
Kind regards,Tom
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Sorry to hear that. Please know that our program users can contact us anytime if they encounter any issues to provide troubleshooting steps and to prevent further occurrences of the same problem in the future.

We acknowledge and respect your decision. Thanks so much for your feedback and for your understanding. :)

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