Trend Micro icon at startup should be a different color and then change to red when protected.

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Your icon appears red in the "Show hidden icons" popup at the lower right of the screen (Win10). The problem is that it's always red - even during startup. This means that I cannot simply look at it to tell the status of my protection. I have to continually move my mouse pointer away and then back to the icon to tell when I am protected. It's just a nuisance - especially since you already solved this problem for a short time and then took it away!!!

For a short time, you put the icon on the right end of the task bar so it was always visible during startup and it was grey. When startup was complete, it turned red and moved to the popup. I thought, "It seems that they've hired a real programmer/analyst." Then you removed that feature and went back to the original flawed system.

I think this is the least you can do for your customers since, it seems to me, your annual fee has doubled in the last three or four years.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hello Bill Hanley and welcome to the Community!

Sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused you.

If I understand you correctly, the Trend Micro icon in the lower right is always red. I assume that  you are referring to the icon that has two arrows displayed instead of the regular icon of Trend Micro as this is the closest  symptom that you are encountering an issue with the program. Can you confirm if the message it shows when you try to point the mouse over the icon is either "Starting your protection" or "Now Scanning"?

If it shows one of those messages and is stuck from there, kindly refer to the links below for the troubleshooting steps.

System Tray Message: "Starting your protection"
“Starting your protection” appears from the Trend Micro program

 System Tray Message: "Now Scanning"
Trend Micro System Tray icon stuck at "Now Scanning"

By the way, upon checking your subscription, you are entitled with our Premium Support Service. You may contact us so that we can further assist you.

Ways to Contact Support

Hope this helps! 

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Bill Hanley

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No, TM_Jean - I'm talking about the regular logo with one loopy arrow. I have never seen a logo with two arrows.

Also, the program is working fine. I just want you people to make a simple programming change:
During startup, make the logo grey. When protection is established, make it red. It's simple - How hard is that to understand? In fact, it was doing this for a short time not long ago and then Trend changed it back to always red.

As a bonus you could make the icon visible during startup and then move it to the hidden icons box when protection is established. That way the user will not have to do anything to see if their computer is protected - when the icon disappears from view, they are protected.

Now how hard is that to understand? The program runs fine; it just needs a little change to make it more convenient for the user.
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Hi Bill Hanley,

Thank you for this. I have made the post into idea and will let our developers know of this suggestions.

Please don't hesitate to post here again in the future should you have any other concern in the future.

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Thank you, TM_JK.
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Just a long-time user here, but when I start my 'puter I always check that logo in the "drop-down" and ALWAYS make sure it's red and says "Protected By Trend Micro" before I proceed to the 'net.

I always know I'm protected, and T.M. has never failed me in the 8 to 10 years I've been with them. Just MY opinion.

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Bill Hanley

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You make my point. I don't want to start doing anything with my computer until it's protected so I have to keep checking the icon by moving the mouse pointer away and then back over the icon to refresh the message.

If they would make the icon show a different color between the two states and/or make it visible in the task bar until protection is on and then move it to the Hidden Icons popup, we could tell at a glance if protection is on or is still starting (second method preferred).

It worked this way for a short time a few months ago and I was delighted - but someone made the decision to put it back to the older, flawed, system.

I hope you understand that my issue is not with the protection TM provides. That's excellent. My only issue is with making it easier to know when protection is running so I don't have to go through that silly dance every time I start my computer.
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I think it is not a bad idea to have an icon color that immediatly advice you on the state of the software.

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