Performance issues with Maximum Security. The computer has a delay when opening any MS Office File or a web link in Chrome or Firefox.

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Since the beginning of June, I have had performance issues with Maximum Security.  The computer has
a 2 to 5 second delay when opening a Microsoft Office File or a web link in either Chrome or Firefox.  It will also freeze my computer for about 5 or 10 seconds randomly and very frequently.  The program will also turn it self off randomly while idle.  It will sometimes turns itself of in the middle of a scan.  When I restart the program, it will some times complete a scan.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times and each time it seems to work better for a while but eventually returns this aggravating state.  The last time I did this (July 4) I uninstalled the program, ran the remnant remover tool, ran ccleaner, uninstalled ccleaner, ran House call (no issues found) and downloaded and ran the installer.  All my component versions show a date of July 4 except one which shows June 28.  It has already started the above stated behavior. I have used Trend Micro for almost 20 years, but I can’t be reinstalling it every week or two to keep it working.  

PC is an ASUS PC M52BC_M32BC Series, AMD FX-8310 Eight-Core Processor 3.40GHz, 64 Bit OS, x64 based processor,  Windows 10 with all updates to current.  All software on PC is patched up to current.


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Posted 2 weeks ago

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Thanks for posting your concern here and welcome to the community!

This seems like a performance issue with your Trend Micro program. Can you check if you have any conflicting software installed on your computer? This may cause Trend Micro and your whole device in general to experience lags and delays. You may click the link below for more info:

Programs to remove before installing Trend Micro Security

You may also call our toll-free phone support line at 1-800-864-6027 for more in-depth troubleshooting with our support engineers.

Please let us know how it goes! :)
The link on "programs to remove" supplied above does not work.
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-I'm not a Trend micro representative, but I like to give you some suggestion-

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Thank you, Max! :) 
Thanks for the link.  None of those programs were present on my computer.
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Have you checked if you have the latest Windows updates? Also, please check your startup items and disable any programs that may have been enabled without your knowledge. 

Also, do you have any computer file backup system software installed on your computer? This may be conflicting with the Trend Micro program.

Looking forward to your response!
I have the latest updates on all software.  I have no new startup items.  The onlything resembling a file backup system is my "One Drive" folder. The point is nothing has changed exept your program which seems to take a unreasonable amount of time to check files when downloading or saving.  After the last reinstall I foolishly thought it was ok.  It worked for almost 2 days. But it has started this up again.  30 some percent through a scan it quits and restarts.  It also quits and restarts randomly.   I thought the latest hotfix in that combined thread might help but it does not.  30 some percent through a scan it quit and did not come back. 
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Thank you for letting us know of this. Please refer to the previous thread Updates on some issues with Scanning and Trend Micro program turning off. We have updated the whole methodology for the issue. Once this became successful, your issue with opening MS Office files should be resolved as well. Note that your issue with MS Office will also be resolved if Trend Micro Security is the one causing the problem.