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Since I installed Trend Micro around 2 weeks ago, my system has slowed down tremendously. Websites are taking ages to load. If I use my microphone to record I have to reboot in order to get my speakers working again. Start up takes long enough before but now it is ridiculous. The microsoft update and this software seem to have my PC confused and cause it a lot of problems. Any help would be appreciated before I uninstall this and ask for a refund.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi ,

your system was clear and then install AV ? 

your system is new computer or old computer and you used other AV and then immigration to Trend Micro ?

Regards ,

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I have Windows 10 with 64 bit. I was using Webroot and then changed to Trend Micro. I uninstalled webroot before I installed Trend.
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Do not comparatives Webroot & Trend Micro .

Webroot is very very light AV . 

i suggestion first scan system with housecall or ATTK .

then scan with rootkit buster

then install Trend Micro 

Also use system optimizer Trend Micro Security for clear Temp & junk files .

Regards ,

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As the correspondents above mention, you must not try to run another antivirus or malware suite alongside TM Internet Security, or any other of their AV products - they will confuse each other, and soak up too much of your PC's processing power. If you have another AV pkg running, even Windows Defender, you should disable or uninstall them, having decided which of them really is best for your situation. Apparently the reason for this is that AV software functions much like the very virus software it's trying to detect, so if there's another AV suite running at the same time, it will try to 'deal with' the competing AV software - it's clear that would not be advisable.

If this is not so on your system, another thing to consider is whether your PC is using 'prefetch' or 'superfetch' - these are names for the service that tries to speed up your PC by looking ahead on the disk for data that a running program might need, but hasn't yet been requested. 

I had a similar problem with the latest version of TM Internet Security (TMIS), and I found, after much tearing out of hair and research, that my PC performed better when superfetch (as it is called on Windows10) was disabled. This has to be done using the Services console - try googling 'disable superfetch' (or prefetch) for the Windows version you're using, and you should find ample advice on how to deal with it.

Bear in mind, though, that, as I have realised, the main TMIS process (called 'coreServiceShell.exe') is very active much of the time, especially just after you've launched another program, and when it does, it can consume a great deal of disk bandwidth, even though it runs in the background. At least in my situation, having super- or pre-fetch active seems to worsen the disk bandwidth bottleneck.

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Hi @Amir, @Sam, thank you for helping!

Hi @gjkgroup, we totally understand your concerns.

As @Amir and @Sam mentioned, it's not advisable to have more than one security program on your computer since it may result in a conflict and the programs may not work properly. 

For this poor computer performance issue, we suggest following the below step to see if your problem is solved:
First, please check your computer meets the system requirements:
System Requirements for Trend Micro Security 2017

If you're sure that your computer meets the system requirements, then please run an update manually by following steps:
  1. Right-click on the Trend Micro system tray icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  2. Click "Check for Program Updates" and the About Your Software windows will appear and will automatically check for available updates.
After running update manually, could you please perform a Full Scan again?
Running a scan using your Trend Micro Security software - refer to "Full Scan"

Please let us know the result of the Full Scan.

If the performance issue still persists, you also can refer to the link below for detailed steps to use Trend Micro Performance Tuning Tool:
Resolving performance issues using the Trend Micro Performance Tuning Tool (TMPerfTool)

After the above troubleshooting steps, if you still encountering the performance issue, could you provide a bit more details (e.g. How long does Start up take, high CPU or memory usage, it takes 5 mins to opening the browser... etc), so we can understand more background to help you. Thanks!

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