I've almost about had it with these updates

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Trend Micro is great. I'd recommend it to a friend any day. Though there is one thing that I despise about Trend Micro. The automatic updates. Trend Micro's Achilles heel in my opinion.

They interfere with literally everything that I do, making the computer run slower and freezing the computer for minutes. Does it have to freeze the computer to update? Windows updates has never frozen the computer when it updates, but Trend Micro updates? Freezes the computer, every time.

And they happen very frequently as well. I get the sentiment. Gotta make it more secure for every new malware or whatever that pops up. But it's really annoying. It's gotten to the point where I have thought "you are the most updated thing on this computer, you do not need to update". It's like Trend Micro is Windows 10 and every other app or software on my computer is Windows 95. It's that up to date.

And when I check to see what has been updated, it angers me even more. Again, sure update the same thing to make it more secure. But it just feels like Trend Micro froze the computer for nothing. It's like going to a fancy hospital just to put a band aid on a minor wound.

I get why the updates are frequent. and I agree that they are important. But can it at least notify that it's updating. I know it'd be annoying to have a notification every few hours say "hey, we're updating", but to me, it's more of a courtesy thing. It at least gives me the chance to stop what I'm doing, rather than having to guess when Trend Micro is updating and manually update before doing any major work, only for the computer to freeze when I'm in the middle of said work because there's yet another update. And what ticks me off even more is that I'm pretty sure Trend Micro did notify users when it's updating in the past.

Again, Trend Micro is a great product. Have been using it for nearly a decade now. It's just the automatic updates interfering and freezing the computer that annoys me.
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Posted 7 months ago

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Hi efh_7394,

Sorry to hear about this experience.

Actually, it is a silent update but not a full program update. the Trend Micro program has a virus table updates every 3 hours to make sure that every new type and variant of viruses will be detected and prevent them from harming your computer.

In case your computer freezes every time an update is happening, we may check your computer and the Trend Micro program installed on your computer to make sure you have the latest and best performance of the Trend Micro program on your computer.

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Now that I think about it, it's generally always the same update that freezes the computer, the Anti Spam Incremental Pattern update. As for computer and Trend Micro version, I have a Windows 10 and Trend Micro 15.0.1212, so the latest in both.

As for the three hours update, does the "timer" reset when I manually check for updates? Say the last update was at 12pm so the next update would be a 3pm, will updating at 2pm reset the timer or will Trend Micro still update at 3pm? I ask because sometime I would update manually only for Trend Micro to update again an hour later.
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Hi efh_7394,

Can you check the CPU usage of your Trend Micro program through task manager? If its possible to take a screenshot and send it here, we would appreciate it. May I know the specifications of your Windows 10 computer as well?

For you to see basic system information using the Settings app, do the following:

1. Open Settings.
2. Click on System.
3. Click on About.

In this settings page, you'll find the exact version of Windows 10 and build number, which increments every time Microsoft releases a cumulative update or feature update (e.g., Windows 10 Anniversary Update).

There are possible reasons for this it could be any of the following: 
  • Conflicting programs (e.g. other security software) are installed on your computer. 
  • Conflict with an old version of the Trend Micro program on your computer or corrupted components of the old version. 
  • Hardware limitation.
Awaiting your response.


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