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I use Malware bytes. When I use it, Trend Mico blocks it and says it is malicious software. How do I stop it from blocking this application
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi ,

Always use only one Security Software .

first uninstall malwarebyte 

then reset system .

and install trend micro maximum Security .

Regards ,

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@Amir Thank you for helping!

@triccio Thank you for informing this issue in community. For your issue, as @Amir mentioned, it's not advisable to have more than one security program on your computer since it may result in a conflict and the programs may not work properly. Since you have a paid version of Trend Micro Internet security with features more powerful than the free Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, so we suggest removing Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Protection and use Trend Micro Internet Security only. You may refer to the following support page to remove Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:
Programs to remove before installing Trend Micro Security

Please try and let us know if this resolves your issue. Thanks!

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Sorry, but that is B.S. Since I installed Trend Micro on the 3rd of September my system has gradually gotten slower and slower. It go so bad yesterday that I downloaded MalwareBytes and ran it. It found over 5,000 Malware infections that Trend Micro completely missed. It eliminated the infections and my computer is now back to normal.

Why the HELL can't Trend Micro protect me from that? What the hell am I paying for?
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Hi ,

Always use one security software on any device .

Also do not install software and special AV from non-know sources and links .

i think you install fake av .

Regards ,

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I have used the free Malwarebytes Antimalware and antivirus at the same time for many years without problems. Be sure to make an exception for it in Trend Micro or it will be blocked for no reason.
There is no conflict between an antimalware application and antivirus since it's two different tools. But remember, you can't run two antivirus apps on the same machine.

Quotation from Lifehacker: "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware hunts down most often zero-day or zero-hour malware, a term our community uses to explain malware that has been newly created and released on the web. Zero-hour malware can be any type of malware out there that traditional antivirus products have a hard time detecting, so it's an additional security measure to protect the user from the kind of malware they are most likely to encounter while surfing the web. Most zero-hour malware is distributed in drive-by exploits or even via hacked accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or Skype. Some of the most commonly detected malware by our products include the Zeus banker Trojan, as well as other Trojan malware with the same purpose, such as Reveton ransomware and other types of ransomware that attempt to extort users into paying ridiculous fee, and an array of fake antivirus software (we call them rogue antivirus) that usually allow additional malware to be installed.

More recently, we have begun detecting what we call "Potentially Unwanted Programs" (PUPs). PUPs usually refer to adware or other types of software that really doesn't do anything but slow down your system and bombard you with advertisements. We decided that if we are protecting our users from the scum of the net that tries to steal their money via extortion or theft, we should also protect them from the scum of the net that tries to do it legitimately, by fooling the users into thinking their products are useful, when in reality they harm the system and cause more problems for the user. However, the default settings on our scanner only flag the software as potentially unwanted but leave it unchecked for removal. While we advise our users to avoid using this kind of software, since it isn't classified as malware, we don't automatically remove it and leave it up to the user to decide whether or not it's valuable for them. We understand that some users are used to having fifteen search bars in their browser window and prefer to keep it that way.

Malware that we don't target is usually older types that might not have been seen for a few years—we leave that protection up to the antivirus software vendors, since their specialty is protecting the user from known and dangerous malware. In doing so, we are allowed to target specifically the new malware that constantly changes and poses the biggest threat to the average user, who faces possible attacks directly from the web rather than from other sources. At the same time, we always have, and always will, advise our users to use our product in addition to an antivirus, to be doubly protected from the old and the new."
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PS. Remember antimalware apps is no substitute for antivirus, you need antivirus too.
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Hi @GW Riedeman,

Please know that it is not recommended to run two different antivirus programs on one PC. Runningtwo security software on one PC causes conflicts between these two programs.One may disable some of the functions of the other security program and theother way around. Since you are running two different security programs, onemay also detect a specific file as valid and one may detect it as a threat.Conflicts usually result on false detection, making your PC more vulnerable tothreats.

Also, since securitysoftware scans every files on your PC and every file you download, this willcause high usage on the memory of the PC and will consume your CPU. Thisresults to slow PC performance and too much memory on disk drives.

If the unwanted pop-ups still appears on your PC, please do refer to the instructions on the link below:

Removing unwanted pop-up messages

We hope this helps. Please let us know how this goes.

Thank you and have a great day! :)

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GW Riedeman

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The worst problem I have encountered recently is promotion "pop-ups," the kind that either pop-up unwanted ads anywhere on the page or overlay my addressed page.  They are very difficult to get out of my system.  Malwarebytes seems to get rid of some of them, but generally Trend has no effect at all -- the popups are there forever without serious housecleaning.
I would hope that a long-time around product such as Trend would address these non-traditional  annoyances that really mess up any serious work on an Internet-connected computer.

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The concern is about pop ups

Please reference the new conversation here: Pop ups

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