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Computer runs slow
If every thing checks out on my computer, what makes it run so slow?  it seems to take a very long time do any thing. I can most of the t...
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Scam or Not?
I received the following email this morning (Tuesday, 12/04/18) and was wondering if this is a scam or something.  To my knowledge, I hav...
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Exceptions bug
Hello,I wrote also to the Official support but, like all the others Brands, if you say white they answer for blackI bought the Antivirus+...
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Is MCShield necessary to be installed even though users with Trend Micro uses it? Who uses MCShield?MCShield in virustotal says that only...
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Not happy!
I started with Trend Micro years ago because it didn't take over, slow down and make me wait for 10 minutes to use my computer at start u...
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