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Trend Micro WiFi Protection Ver 3.3.1

Hi there. I have recently updated WiFi Protection to version 3.3.1 on IOS device thru Apps Store.

1) this version update states “VPN connection now supported on mobile connection” l. What does this mean? Isn’t this app is meant to offer protection when the mobile device is connected any any WiFi?

2) I notice the VPN connection for “Mobile Security” will be turn off, when the VPN connection on “cellular connection” in “Micro Tren WiFi Protection” app is turn on. Is that mean, when VPN connection in “Micro Tren WiFi Protection” is on, the protections offered by “Mobile Security” will not be available?

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2 years ago

Hi WH Khor,


Welcome to the Trend Micro Home Users Community!


Thanks for downloading the latest update this will ensure that you have the recommended security and app improvements.


Here are the answers to your questions -

1. Yes, the app is meant to protect your device if you're connected to any WiFi portal. The improvement was to include protection when using Mobile Data as well.


2. Mobile Security & Wifi Protection both have a VPN connection, if you were to open the main console of either of the apps, the active one will have the VPN enabled. Two or more VPN connections will not work on the same device. 


Example: You opened the Mobile Security app then the VPN present is for Mobile Security. Once you switch or open Wifi Protection its VPN counterpart shall be enabled. Thus, one VPN connection will only work at a time. 


- TM_Reine

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