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Tue, May 26, 2020 11:05 AM

Windows 10 Slowdown with Trend Micro Maximum Security Antivirus


I got a new computer but after installing the antivirus it's a disaster.

At startup or as soon as I open Chrome (where is installed the plugin of trend micro maximum security) or the opening of the control panel or Outlook it blocks the computer for 2 minutes (mouse in the shape of a circle) and then it works correctly.

When I deactivate the antivirus (disabled at startup or uninstalled) all works again normally, no slowdown blocking or freeze.

Here are the tracks I found on the internet :

After researching this could be due to a Windows update uninstalled, I saw that this happened in the past on the forum of Trend micro but this is no longer current.

(this would surprise me because I have laptops that have this antivirus and work normally)

Here are the updates installed on the pc :

I also read that Trend Micro had trouble working with some newer processors but nothing is less sure.

Here is the configuration of the computer ( windows 10 professionnal):

The graphics card is a Nvidia Quadro P2200.

Thank you in advance for your answers and advices!