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Friday, May 31st, 2024 1:50 AM

Why is Trend Micro identifying The Michigan Daily, the student newspaper at the University of Michigan, as a web threat??

When  I try to read the weekly posts from The Michigan Daily, Trend Micro blocks them as a web threat because of :phishing.". This is ridiculous. The Daily, one of the most honored student newspapers in the country, is hardly going to do phishing. When I complain to Trend Micro about it, I am ignored. This is ridiculous! Is everyone at TM an Ohio State grad?

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2 months ago

Hi @charlotte_wolter 


Can you please provide the exact URL link of the page so we can check as well. At the same time, you could also file for a reclassification.

You can go to and search the URL once the results are shown, you will have an option to reclassify the site.


 Hope this helps!

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