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What phishing scams do? — iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max scams

What phishing scams do? — iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max scams



Win an iPhone 14 Pro Max today! Click here — Sounds familiar? Many of us have seen or encountered these fake iPhone 14 campaigns from Social Media ads, and hard-to-resist pop-ups, to fake email campaigns. We're secretly hoping and praying that these raffles and sweepstakes are real, that we can easily have the new iPhone by just answering a quick survey. It's hard to ignore these campaigns especially if it claims that it's from the famous brands that we follow and trust.


The popularity of the new iPhone 14 gave birth to dozens of raffle and survey scams. Here are the recent iPhone 14-related scams spotted by the Trend Micro Check Team.










Best Buy


Scammers send out sweepstakes emails promising the new iPhone 14 as a gift. Beware of these too-good-to-be-true schemes.





More phishing scam samples and how they trick people online, read more.


How to Stay Safe from Scams

  • Pay close attention to URLs — are they legitimate?
  • Double-check the sender’s mobile number/email address.
  • Free gifts and prizes are always a major red flag.
  • Go to the official website/application instead of using links from unknown sources.
  • Never click on links or attachments from unknown sources. Use Trend Micro Check to surf the web safely (it’s free!).
  • Add an extra layer of protection to your devices with Trend Micro Maximum Security. Its Web Threat Protection, Ransomware Protection, Anti-phishing, and Anti-spam Protection can help you combat scams and cyberattacks. Click the button below to give it a try:

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