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What is - How to Protect Yourself from its Risks

What is - How to Protect Yourself from its Risks


What is


The domain name,, is not a secure website, and visitors are frequently redirected to other suspicious sites without their consent.


Recently, has been reported to be blocked by different security software such as the AT&T Smart Manager.


For instance, if you click an attractive article or advertisement on Twitter or Facebook, the page may load with several messages or ads appearing. Still, the actual article you want to read may not load. This may be an attempt to launch spam or adware applets that can harm your computer. Instead of showing the desired article page, The website may redirect you to an unsafe destination, which can pose a threat to your privacy and security. Therefore, behaves like a spamware.




What is a Spamware?


A Spamware is a malware that sends unsolicited and often unwanted messages or advertisements to many recipients, usually via email.  It can also generate pop-up ads or redirect web pages to advertising sites without the user's knowledge.  



Risks of Visiting Sites Associated with


  • Malware Infection- Visiting the site or clicking links may download an adware and browser hijacker that compromises your system.
  • Phishing - fake login pages are created to trick you into giving away your sensitive information like login credentials and financial data.
  • Identity Theft - Giving personal information to or related sites, like your name, address, or credit card details, can lead to identity theft, causing financial loss and other serious consequences.
  • Pop-up Warnings and Advertisements - Visiting this website may lead to pop-up ads and unwanted software installation, causing system performance issues and browsing interference.


Protecting Yourself from


  • Always be vigilant when browsing and clicking on links in emails, social media messages, or other sources you're unfamiliar with.
  • Keep your web browser up-to-date.
  • Use a pop-up blocker that can help prevent unwanted pop-up ads from appearing and reduce the likelihood of accidentally clicking on malicious ads.
  • Make sure that you have an up-to-date antivirus program installed on your computer.
  • You may add an extra layer of protection to your devices with Trend Micro Maximum Security. Its Web Threat Protection, anti-phishing, and anti-spam protection will help you combat scams and cyberattacks. The Trend Micro toolbar included in this program will help block malicious ads on websites that you accidentally visited.


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