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Sun, May 8, 2022 12:28 AM



was this SPAM?

I was looking at my account just now and found several of these e-mails but no idea what they are. I don't remember even getting these e-mails.   BTW I live in the US.     HELP

Congratulations,  Priscilla,

The 6 months will be added on your active license within the next 24 hours. Your current expiry date is 06/04/2022, it will be updated to 12/04/2022.

We look forward for more community engagement this 2022! 
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From: TM Support <>;
Received: Mon Jan 10 2022 09:29:58 GMT+0800 (Taipei Standard Time)
To: (I removed address); TM Support <>; TM Support <>;
Subject: RE: Congratulations! Trend Micro Community Champion! Ref:00710000010



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7 months ago

I have received some of those in the past and have found them to be completely legitimate.  If you have been participating in the T.M. community in a helpful way, it's a sort of reward for participation and sharing your knowledge and experience with others.

To my knowledge, TM_Kree is a trusted employee of Trend Micro.

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7 months ago

Hi @pris_il_humbrdr! I send that email. We tallied the top badge earner last December and each winner gets a 6 months license extension. We announced the winners last New Year.

Thanks, @woodartisan55!

Here's the announcement:

Game ON! Trend Micro Community 2022 New Year Badge

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