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Tue, Oct 24, 2017 5:43 AM


usb das keyboard firmware flashes toshiba laptop bios with malware

pc is a toshiba satellite laptop running win 8.1 with latest tm internet security.

i have a das keyboard i bought about 6 months ago from a website that was selling the particular model i was after for $50 cheaper than the next lowest store. i thought it was a bargain, so i ordered it.

i started noticing that after switching off my toshiba laptop for a while (over night, for instance) that the laptop would not switch on completely. the led around the power button lights up, but the display remains blank. i would then switch it off, then switch it back on again, and it boots up fine. this would occur anytime after being switched off for a few hours.

i reflashed the bios, and it stopped going into this quasi-on state and boots up fine, however, i've done this before and eventually it starts happening again, requiring another flash of the bios. i've isolated the cause of the strange bios overwrite to my das keyboard.

the whole time i had trend micro internet security installed, and this had no effect on the malware installation.

i don't want to throw away the das keyboard because it's a good quality keyboard, however, how do i protect myself against this usb device?