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Mon, Jan 15, 2018 4:31 AM


Turn off "Website Blocked" pop up notifications

Trend Micro Maximum Security is generating a Pop Up when it blocks websites that it is supposed to block.  The problem is it interrupts what I was doing on a website as I have to click Ok and then go back to the web browser only to have another Pop Up notice from Trend Micro Maximum Security.

I've even turned on the "Mute Mode" and adjusted the settings as noted above all to no avail.

I've made the change in the settings under scan preferences to uncheck the box "Display a warning after detecting viruses, spyware, or suspicious behavior" to no avail as well.

The whole reason I purchased and activated the Parental Controls in Trend Micro is so that it would block sites automatically and Silently without notifying me, except to display a placeholder on the website if it blocked a 3rd party link.

If this is a feature that can't be disabled, I'm going to have to start looking for an alternate parental control/web filter software package as the warning messages are as bad as the web advertisement Pop Ups themselves...

Following is one example of many messages I want to suppress as I don't need to be notified each time something is blocked.