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Sun, Jan 24, 2021 5:21 AM

Trend Micro Randomly Enters Mute Mode


I noticed a glitch with Trend Micro Mute Mode.

I can see it frequently gets enabled, though there is nothing working in full screen.

This is not a critical bug, as Mute Mode doesn't affect the security posture, but generates a Mute Mode exit alert, which is not needed.

In the screenshot bellow you can see that I have nothing in full screen, but Mute Mode gets enabled.

This behaviour is not new, I have noticed it in version 16 as well.

The only way to tackle the issue currently is to completely disable Mute Mode, which is not great for when using apps in full screen. I need to manually enable and disable the feature every time.

Update: I have left full screen detection turned on and in the last few minutes, I saw Mute Mode going on and off several times.