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Thu, Apr 15, 2021 4:58 AM

Trend Micro Payguard Still Keeps Opening Several Tabs on Edge

I had already posted this question but the post was closed so I couldn't reply to the message so here it is again. Whenever I open a shopping website like Walmart for example in Paygard on Microsoft Edge, it keeps opening several tabs of the website no matter how many times I close each of those tabs. The only solution I could do is to close all of the tabs entirely with Payguard which defeats the whole purpose of Payguard. In just about every shopping website I visit with Payguard, it automatically opens a new tab every few seconds and it doesn't stop. Is there a way to stop Payguard from opening several tabs forever or is it something else? I had updated my Edge browser to the latest, my Trend Micro Security Software is at its latest, and I would really like to see if you guys can fix this issue, specifically for Edge because Chrome works but not Edge.