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Fri, Feb 12, 2021 9:32 PM


Trend Micro Issue Reported by User


I have recommended Trend Micro to many users and I have received feedback from one of them, you may want to have a look at.

This is what the user is reporting and he is willing to provide logs, if necessary:

Hi! Sorry I had to give up Trend Micro. It was having some app launching related slowdown also. What I noticed is, if an app is launched, then I close it and open it again immediately then it opens fast though still slower than WD, KIS, ESET, BD etc.

After 10-15 minutes if I run the app again then it takes a bit longer. I checked one thing by using a program (NetLimiter 4) to make the Firewall interactive and noticed that when an app is launched, Trend wants to contact its server. If I close the app and run again immediately then the firewall wasn't throwing any popup. But if I run the app again after 10 mins then Trend wants to contact the server again. Maybe this cloud contacting thing is what making the app launch a bit slower. I don't have the fastest internet. 8 Mbps only so having good internet with lower ping probably helps with faster app launching.

I would expect the AV not to do this more than once for trusted apps/for apps it already has cache. But Trend is doing this a lot it seems. I tried the normal and hypersensitive mode both but the same result. The other products I mentioned probably don't do that for trusted apps so in their case launch is faster.

In AVG's case the slowdown was happening only after I turn on the PC and run something for the first time, but Trend is doing this more with a certain interval it seems.

I also found two bugs. The UI sometimes doesn't open at all. Nothing happens when I click on it. The way to fix this is to right-click the tray icon, click exit and open Trend again or simply restart the system.

The other weird bug is if my PC goes into sleep mode/I simply turn on my PC, the UAC settings restores to the Default mode. I have it set on Always notify but Trend one way or another resets it on startup/wake up.

This is really weird. I have never encountered this with any other app I think. It also is not a good sign for the security of the program. It shouldn't tamper with my UAC settings.

I know about the UI issue, you are working on a fix.

Please let me know what information may be required in regards to the other issues.

To summarise them, one seems like caching issue, Trend Micro cache doesn't seem to last for more than 15 minutes and trusted apps get scanned again and again.

The other one is a bug where UAC settings get reverted to their defaults.

The version that was installed by user is 17.0.1222.