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Wed, Feb 14, 2018 3:12 PM


Trend Micro icon at startup should be a different color and then change to red when protected.

Your icon appears red in the "Show hidden icons" popup at the lower right of the screen (Win10). The problem is that it's always red - even during startup. This means that I cannot simply look at it to tell the status of my protection. I have to continually move my mouse pointer away and then back to the icon to tell when I am protected. It's just a nuisance - especially since you already solved this problem for a short time and then took it away!!!

For a short time, you put the icon on the right end of the task bar so it was always visible during startup and it was grey. When startup was complete, it turned red and moved to the popup. I thought, "It seems that they've hired a real programmer/analyst." Then you removed that feature and went back to the original flawed system.

I think this is the least you can do for your customers since, it seems to me, your annual fee has doubled in the last three or four years.