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Sat, May 16, 2020 2:24 AM


Trend Micro failed to inform me it was blocking several programs

Hi Trend Micro Community,

Just wanted to tell everyone that the Trend Micro Antivirus+ software for desktop has been doing some fishy business behind my back which I wasn't aware of nor informed of by the program. This is, to be honest, more of a complaint than a problem. If this is not the right place to post a complaint let me know so I can inform people in the right place.

On my computer, Antivirus+ has been blocking the program "FL Studio" from launching and has been blocking games installed through "xbox beta" from launching. The blocker also failed to inform me that it was doing this in the moment it happened. It took me quite a while to even realize it was antivirus+ causing the problem until, seemingly at random, the program informed me of all the files and programs it had blocked over some amount of time. I noticed one of the file paths was for one of the games that I could not launch, so I turned antivirus+ off and lo and behold everything was able to launch.

After some more digging and futzing, I found the whole issue ultimately stemmed from the setting "display a warning after detecting viruses, spyware, or suspicious behavior" being set to off. At no point do I remember turning this setting off nor do I see why this setting would be off by default, especially if antivirus+ is going to be so sensitive as to block programs that I personally installed, even certified Microsoft developed programs.

So here are the problems:

1.) I really do not believe that I turned this setting off and in fact there was a time when trend-micro did pop-up the "hey we blocked this program" window, so there was nothing convincing me in the moment that trend-micro was the source of my launch problems. Could this setting have been changed during a license renewal period or software update? If other users would still like to accuse this of being user error then fine, but if that's the case I would strongly suggest adding some window at this setting saying "are you sure you want to turn this setting off? Programs you install may be flagged as dangerous without your knowledge." This should absolutely be the case if the programs that trend micro blocks are really going to be as absurd as these popular programs.

2.) On that note, why is Antivirus+ detecting Image-Line and Microsoft installed programs as potential viruses? What on earth is happening there?

3.) Why did Antivirus+ even start blocking FL Studio out of nowhere? I had no problem launching this program in the past while antivirus+ was installed, and then one day it just stopped launching. Could it have been some change to the program during a license renewal or update?

If anyone thinks I should point this out to some Microsoft/Image-Line forum let me know and I'll do it there too. I don't know if Microsoft is using some weird protocol for launching programs that makes it look like a virus, but this is one strange and unpleasant incident given the amount of dead ends I was following before a random antivirus+ pop-up revealed itself as the true culprit.