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Friday, October 7th, 2022 12:14 PM


Trend Micro assuming Biswap.org is phishing !!!

For some reason Trend Micro is assuming that the DEX/Crypto website BISWAP.ORG is a phishing website and doesn't let me in !!!

Even when I put it's address on the exception list as follow the fucking anti-vírus is detecting as a phishing!

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8 months ago

Hi @mundoimilazzo!

This is s good one! Thank you for sharing this in our community!

After adding it to Trend Micro Security's exception list, did you restart your computer? This will refresh the components of Trend Micro and the browser that you are using and allow the changes to take effect.

Next, we need to check the classification of the website in the Trend Micro Global Site Safety Website. If the website is detected as Dangerous or Suspicious we can file a reclassification request, and a dedicated team from Trend Micro will thoroughly investigate the requested reclassification of the website.

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