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Sat, Apr 7, 2018 10:14 AM


Trend Micro asks me to restart my computer but doesn't work properly after restarting

When I log in to my
PC, the first thing  Trend Micro does when opening the main console is that a box pops up saying that I should connect to the internet and then click 'Update Now', but immediately after that box appears, another box from Trend Micro pops up and says that my protection is disabled, that a problem has temporarily interrupted my protection and that I should restart the computer to fix this problem.

However, when I press 'Restart Now' and log in to my computer again after restarting, Trend Micro does all of the above behaviours again.

When I right-click the Trend Micro icon on the System Tray, select Exit, wait for the Trend Micro System Tray icon to disappear and wait 30 seconds, and then open Trend Micro again, it again does all the above behaviours.

Plus, whenever I right-click the Trend Micro System Tray icon and select Check for Program Updates, the same 'Restart Now' box from before appears.

How do I stop Trend Micro from acting like this?

My operating system is Windows 10 Home, and my version of Trend Micro is 12.0.1226.