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Tue, Jul 13, 2021 4:54 PM

Transfer of Protected Data Blocked

Whenever I load https://twitter.com/home I begin to get pop ups from my Trend Micro alerting that chrome.exe has attempted to take some protected data I have secured under 'Credit Card' 

If I leave it to ping, I can have anywhere past 70 requests at any one time. I have attached a screenshot from my most recent use on Twitter. This was in a 4 minute window of using the website. 

I've never entered my card information into Twitter nor viewed any elements of the site that would require card information, such as paid ads, or subscription services. 
Any Idea what it is and what I can do to stop this?
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3 m ago

Hi, @joshv959!


You may be getting the "Transfer of Protected Data Blocked" pop-up because when you load Twitter, the same 4-digit combination like the last 4-digit of your credit card is part of a link or website address. Then the Data Theft Prevention feature detects it as the last 4-digits of your credit card and displays the pop-up.


I also encounter this on my Twitter because I only register my first name in the Data Theft Prevention feature, and my first name is the same as my username on Twitter. To prevent these from happening, I register my full name. You may follow the same best practices below:

  • Name - Type your full name
  • Email Address -Type your complete email address
  • Telephone number - Type your complete telephone number
  • Credit Card Number - Type the last 8-digits of your Credit Card Number 


 For more information, you can check this : Popup: Transfer of Protected Data Blocked (Trend Micro Security for Windows)




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