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Monday, June 12th, 2023 12:15 PM



For 5 years you guys at trend micro have known of this tower_installer.tmp problem and have done nothing to fix it and you are suppose to be a world class company for security If you had addressed this problem it would not have happened to me as it had with Birdy & GARY-HIPKISS 5 YEARS AGO. There is no way I will be renewing my subscription with a company that don't fix things that affect there customers but then again personal use is not where you make your money is it. So i guess you can just turn a blind eye to the people of personal use. NOT HAPPY.  And for a virus protection that blockes itself some might say that one heck of a virus protection while I SAY as it is attaking itself its not doing what it is suppose to be doing  and if it can't tell the difference between itself and a virus WTF not good What a world class company you guys are. You all should be so proud of yourselves.
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6 months ago

Hi @andrewslaw412

Welcome to Trend Micro Users Community!

Thank you for your patience. Downloaded files can be blocked for security reasons. 

If the file "Tower_installer.tmp" is being blocked on your computer, Here are some steps you can take to unblock the file:

  1. Right-click on the "Tower_installer.tmp" file then select "Properties."
  2. In the Properties window, look for an "Unblock" button or checkbox. If you see it, click the "Unblock" button or check the box.

Hope this helps!

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