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Wed, Nov 8, 2017 11:42 PM


system software hub invasion

Sunday while browsing for a recipe, I received a full page warning. My computer was in danger of being hacked. I could not X out of this message. My ability to search the internet was frozen. I have been able to bypass similar warnings previously but this time task master did not work, nor did shutting down the laptop. I was hi jacked. I called the phone number to provided, system software hub. They immediately unfroze my computer and proceeded to sell be overpriced computer protection. I now have a nasty back and forth going with them. I agreed to pay for their product but have since cancelled payment. This almost seemed to be not so subtle ransomware. Not sure if it was legal. I think Trend should have prevented this. If you want to contact system software hub 1-800-839-3570. They had nothing good to say about Trend. I have removed some programing ssh installed but I have been advised to reset my computer. I may do that but I will likely need to re-install my Trend. Please respond as soon as possible.
Kevin Miley