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Sat, Aug 31, 2019 4:31 AM

Strange Behaviour

Hello, a strange thing happen today: on my Win 7 computer this morning, everytime I clicked on an app, it said Not Responsive. Ok I make a virus scan. But when I click on the Trend Micro icon in the task bar, nothing happen. So I boot in safe mode. The Trend Micro Icon on my desktop was gone. But there was an icon as exc. file. Meaning I had to unzip the folder. After that it told me, Trend Micro can not run in safe mode. Does not make sense... but ok. Reboot in normal mode, there is no more Trend Micro. Reinstall it new, run a Full Scan. It runs over 2 hours now and I am at 10 % scan! I stopped it once, thinking something hang and run it again... same same! This was never happen before and I am a Trend Micro user since the early days of Pccillin