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Sun, Sep 11, 2022 5:27 AM

Steam games with anti cheat software do not always launch

I try to start up some games on Steam and they do not launch. I think it's related to anti cheat software like Destiny 2 has trouble launching due to Battleye launch failures or blocks.

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Il y a 14 d

Hi @davidsonpools!

Thanks for sharing this in our Community.

Is it possible for us to get samples of the Anticheat files? This will help us identify what's causing the issues.

Let me know the best time for you.





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Il y a 12 d

This has been an issue for a while.  Any game that uses Easy Anticheat will not launch.  You need to add the whole game folder to the exception list and the game will launch.  I had to do this for Hunt:Showdown and Battlefield 2042, both games work after adding them to exception list.

Here is a link to another post about this topic:

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