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Sun, Apr 9, 2017 10:14 AM


Startup repair never ending loop

Downloaded windows 10 update & computer went into never ending start up repair loop .Turned off Trend micro reinstalled update & worked fine. Reinstalled Trend micro computer crashed & would not load windows. Started from scratch again reloaded windows , programs & files waited 2 weeks & reinstalled trend micro , computer would not start again & had to reload windows from scratch again.
Installed new hard drive thinking hard drive might be failing Reload everything & all works fine. Waited a couple of weeks & Reinstall Trend micro & all crashes again & windows won't load at start up again.
Have just reloaded windows, as cannot repair or restore to previous version. Won't be reinstalling Trend Micro on this computer again as it has wasted hours & hours of my time . Have had to reload windows 4 times now after Trend Micro install & computer won't start up.
Any ideas on cause or suggestions to repair.