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Wed, Feb 8, 2017 5:01 AM


Stability and compatibility issues with TM addons on firefox

I have a clean install of Win 10 running on my PC. I decided to move from Avast to TM and these hiccups have not made the transition easy.

1. After installing TM, I opened Firefox which asked me to authorise the TM BEP and TM Osprey extensions...which I did. Since then firefox has become very unstable and generally slow. Firefox freezes a lot even with just a few tabs open, freezes a lot more when watching videos...html5 and flash. It does "unfreeze" in a second or two but I have grown tired of seeing "Not responding" on the title bar every few mins.

2. TM never installed the TM toolbar extension even though it installed BEP and Osprey. There is no option in the main console to try to install it again. Under settings>Internet & email>web threats the options are greyed out and a support link opens a webpage asking me enable the toolbar from the addons page. Only prob is it not listed there beacuse it was not installed.
Also, the Privancy scanner and Social Networking protection are active only for IE and not firefox.

So, I am sure TM is NOT protecting me when i'm online. I even went to shady sites like www.ammyy.com which TM didn't block or notify me. Are BEP and Osprey useless on their own?

i3 3rd gen 8GB RAM
Win 10 ver 1607
TM Maximum Security ver 11.0.1186
Firefox x64 ver 51.0.1 (other addons installed: ublock and adobe flash)

Hopefully I don't regret getting the 3 year subscription