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Saturday, April 2nd, 2022 12:13 PM



spam and dangerous emails why is trend not blocking these. how do i block these

spam emails getting through trend is telling me they are dangerous but not blocking I have tried blocking but nothing is working I am getting 20 or more every day. please help

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1 year ago

Hi jasjr1956,


Welcome to Trend Micro Home Users Community.


We have a feature called Trend Micro Antispam Toolbar it automatically filters unwanted and fraudulent messages into a special Spam Mail folder, which you can periodically check for any legitimate messages misidentified as spam.


You may follow the instructions below to enable it.


How to activate Trend Micro Antispam Toolbar for Windows


It is also limited to some email programs, you can check the list below if your email program is included.

Email Programs Trend Micro Antispam Toolbar protects


Hope this helps!



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