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Mon, Oct 15, 2018 1:41 AM

Some suggestions and problems need to be solved.

I think there are some problems waiting for you to solve and consider.
The following are some known and numerous problems.
First of all, efficiency issues continue to take up a lot of personal computer resources.One of the reasons you chose to put a virus library in the cloud was to reduce local resource usage.But obviously you haven't done that. In the last 12, 15 releases, some customers apparently didn't want to install Trend Personal computers to work with other vendors.
Second, frequent and continuous reads and writes take up a lot of computer resources, as well as the reasons for the explosion of memory and disk usage.If you can, I wish there was an option for the user to choose, called "perform a scan" instead of "idle scan".
Third, the log cleaning function is not perfect, log, isolation area content to be able to clean up after a year, this is who came up with the idea, no humanization.
Lastly, excessive information collection leads to increased trend folder occupancy.
Should you consider the problem of frequent feedback from customers, and improve and optimize it? No reinstallation can solve all problems. To solve the problem, we must first admit that it is a mistake, or that it is not good enough to improve it. The trend of the 15 version is the 1.5 finished product, and your customers are getting away from it.