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Thu, May 5, 2016 5:39 AM

Should I leave AVG protection on or uninstall it?

I have AVG Protection on one of the laptops i have installed TrendMicro onto, shoudl I leave this on or unistall it? If i unistall it, AVG is giving me warning notifications that my computer is not protected, is this the case?


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5 y ago

Thanks for contacting us on the new community! 

It's not advisable to have more than one security program on your computer since it may result in a conflict and the programs may not work properly. So we suggest removing AVG Protection and use Trend Micro Maximum Security only. You may refer on the link below to remove AVG:
Programs to remove before installing Trend Micro Security

Trend Micro Maximum Security is designed to provide comprehensive PC security protection. As long as you have Trend Micro Maximum Security installed, your laptop is protected, and the AVG warning notifications prior to AVG un-install can be ignored.

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