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Tue, Dec 12, 2017 9:49 AM


Phishing: what to do and what NOT to do

-I'm not a Trend Micro representative, but I like to give you some suggestion-

Phishing: an email or any other kind of contact that ask you to visit a fraudolent web page. 
Nigerian Phishing: an email that ask for your help to convince you to pay for several (fraudolent) reasons. 

An up-to-date solution such as Trend Micro Antivirus + and above (Internet and Maximum Security) are able to detect and deny access to fraudolent web pages.

1- Does not deactivate Trend Micro web protection functions. 

Configuring Trend Micro web protection

2- 'Hey Slo, what are you saying!? My web browser reports that this site is secure for sure: there is a green padlock and it is reported as secure by my web browser! 

Im sorry, it is not true, or rather, it's not enough: a green padlock and the word 'Secure' just near the internet web site address is not meaning that the site is secure! It is meaning that the website is properly using cryptography.
But it is not meaning that the site is legitim and secured! 

Example of Cryptography enables on a web site. 
Anyway, this is not enough to be sure that the site is not fraudolent for sure. This simply indicates that the communication is secured, not the web site intentions! 
Cyber criminals are starting to effort the use of this cryptography mechanism in their fraudolent websites, in order to have them legitim in the apparence

So, what to do to be sure I'm visiting my real web page Bank?

Just few tips:
 - Enable and configure Web Threats in your Trend Micro solution.
 - Check at the URL: it is not the same of the real web site? 
 - For example: my be max_slobank_@!123@incom. Green padlock and the word Secured just before the url may be present!!! So, does not trust only in padlock! 
- Check at the real site, and use Bookmark to save it in your web browser. So, when you need to use your site, open it using the bookmark. 
- Ask to your Institute what is the correct web page address: does not worry, you can disturb your bank, financial site, credit card management web site assistance: your security is more important than a phone call! 

And what for mobile application?
- Using a mobile device is not so simple to check URL, so the solution is to use the official apps instead of websites.
For example, visiting (and paying) in Amazon, does not use the web page, use tha official app, this app will forward you to the official store. 
- Also in mobile devices, use an up-to-date antivirus such as Trend Micro Mobile Security. 
- Update apps via the google store as soon as possible.
- Use only secured private wifi to do payments from a mobile devices, avoiding to do that in a pub-airport-cinema-store wifi network or in any other kind of public network. 

As usual, sorry for my typos and my alien english.
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5 years ago

Hi Max Slo,

Thank you for imparting your knowledge to the community.

This is a good read. Keep it coming and this is a good way for being aware of what is out there.

We hope to hear more from you and the others!

Thank you and have a great week! :)

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5 years ago

Hi Max Slo,

Thanks for sharing! Let me put this in Article section for better visibility :)


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