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Wed, Dec 5, 2018 6:00 AM

Parental controls kicking off after 5 minutes

I am having a problem with the parental controls.  When I set the time limit to 1 hour on the children's devices a message keeps popping up only giving them 5 minutes then after that time it kicks them out of their devices.

All the computers are Windows 10 and using Trend Micro Maximum Security


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3 y ago

Hello deborah.ifield,

We're sorry to hear of your experience.

Though, this is an unusual behavior of the program, your children should be able to use their devices for an hour if that's what you set in the Parental Controls. We'd like to ask for a screenshot of the message that keeps on popping up on their devices so we can have a look on it too.


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1 y ago

I am seeing the same behavior. I set the limit to 5 hours and then 7 hours, but it says the same thing over and over.

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10 m ago

Hi murrayfamily5,

Windows 8.1 is one of the supported operating system of Trend Micro Security. Are you getting a specific error message while upgrading? it's recommended to have the latest version first before we can check the issue with Parental Controls.

System Requirements (Trend Micro Security)

- TM_Reine