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Sunday, June 11th, 2023 3:07 PM


Need different strategy in supporting the forum


TM forum is one of the worst among all antiviruses.

Random TM employees (tm_x.....tm_y) land here now and then and provide an answer  , to the best of their knowledge. They appear and disappear from the forum as they wish.

Next week , another tm_v or tm_w  will do the same, disappearing after that.

Why not having 2-3 dedicated TM employees who will answer each and every day to whatever is posted????

This would give consistency, fluidity and professionalism to this forum.


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6 months ago

Hi, @claudiubotezatu!

Thank you for your feedback. We agree that there is room for improvement within our community. Our goal is to continuously enhance and provide a valuable experience for all members.

I'm glad you're always here to help.


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