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Fri, Jul 5, 2019 5:47 PM


My protection keeps shutting down.

I have 2 active subscriptions to TrendMicro Maximum Security 2019, and two computers running Windows 7 Pro  suddenly lost protection and displayed a message that I need to enter a valid serial number.  One is a Dell mini tower 64 bit and the other is a Lenovo 32 bit.  The Dell computer :  I retrieved the serial number and when I returned to that computer, the error maessage was gone and the protection was active.  On the Lenovo again, while I was away from my desk, the protection shut down and displayed the invalid serial number message.  I had to reboot this computer to restart my protection.  Both computers are on the same account.  This is VERY DISTURBING, because if my protection shuts down and I am not physically present to restart it, I am vulnerable to attack.  This is a new problem.  It has never happened before.  Please help me to fix it, or I will have to close my accounts and purchase protection from someone else.